by sunnyfong

I feel like I’ve found my brain. And it’s in the form of a website.
Minus all the tits.

All images from http://haw-lin.com

It’s what I want to say with my style carnage site but I wasn’t genius enough to do it without writing one single word.

But again, minus the tits.

Okay, I am actually getting freaked out. I have a ton of those images saved in my own hard drive as well. Out of the thousands of Terry Richardson photographs, he/she posts the one that I love the most. There’s a photo of a bathroom that I JUST cut out yesterday from a magazine… I just downloaded Black and White by Michael Jackson… The list goes on. The more I click, the more of I feel like I started this site up when I was sleepwalking or something. Help… I’m afraid.

EDIT: I just saw a photo of Bill Murray! Wtf… I am obsessed with Bill Murray… he has nothing to do with fashion. I’m seriously scared! Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich! If I see anything obscure from TV Carnage, I’m going to throw up…