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Month: February, 2009

I feel like I’ve found my brain. And it’s in the form of a website.
Minus all the tits.

All images from

It’s what I want to say with my style carnage site but I wasn’t genius enough to do it without writing one single word.

But again, minus the tits.

Okay, I am actually getting freaked out. I have a ton of those images saved in my own hard drive as well. Out of the thousands of Terry Richardson photographs, he/she posts the one that I love the most. There’s a photo of a bathroom that I JUST cut out yesterday from a magazine… I just downloaded Black and White by Michael Jackson… The list goes on. The more I click, the more of I feel like I started this site up when I was sleepwalking or something. Help… I’m afraid.

EDIT: I just saw a photo of Bill Murray! Wtf… I am obsessed with Bill Murray… he has nothing to do with fashion. I’m seriously scared! Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich! If I see anything obscure from TV Carnage, I’m going to throw up…


Me looking totally fat at Calvin Klein Fall 2009

I can’t believe we both showed up wearing the same Calvin Klein motorcross jacket and Kurt Cobain hair. Only, I grew mine out to hide my jowls.

calvin klein
Kanye, me (looking like I’m storing hors d’œuvres in my chins for winter 2009), that guy from Gossip Girl (Zac or Bailey or whatever), and the beautiful beautiful beautiful Patrick Wilson who was amazing in Little Children and Angels in America.

Gotta love tall, handsome and talented redheads.

I like how Tim Blanks heads straight for the token black celebrity to ask about the neoprene bullet-proof vest-inspired jacket.

Vincent Gallo skeeves me out…

Image taken off of this gem of a site.
Hey look, they even have a pic of those Clarks desert boots I recommended!

Vincent Gallo seems to pop up everywhere like a weird rash that you didn’t notice until the tag on your shirt rubbed up against it.
Not only was he pegging Belvedere Vodka with Terry Richardson not too long ago, he is now the spokeswhore for H&M’s Spring 2009 campaign.

He just kinda annoys me because he’s what Joaquin Phoenix aspires to be but doesn’t have to try. It scares me to think that this man can put out an album that was kinda shitty, a film that was a semi-hit, pimp himself out as a prostitute and still get taken seriously enough to be offered to write and direct the new Captain America film.

He has since walked off the project citing creative differences but continues to infest our magazines and minds.

I met him once at a Bruce Weber event in Toronto and he not only had the foulest breath but the guy was 4 feet tall and had size 18 feet. Unless it was just the shoes:

Regardless, it is nice to see Oshawa-born Shalom Harlow back in the spotlight a little more. She has been getting steady work for the last few years but I think she’s going to make a major comeback for a bigger house. You’ll be seeing more of her in the new H&M ads as well next to Gallo and Eva Herzigova.
She’s an incredible model to say the least and one of my personal favourites.

Known to be a bit of a ditz but she has some of the most amazing features when photographed by the right people.

But I’m going to let Shalom redeem herself a little because us Canadians gotta stick up for each other:

I saw bring back some of those models when things were a little more about glamour and less about irony. Nadja! Stella! Karen Elson! Where y’all at, bitches?
Screw you, Agyness!

I don’t get your appeal.


Are models stupid?

Helen Christensen – yes, the woman who dated the late Michael Hutchence AND was the friend who was supposed to meet up with Heath Ledger – founded Nylon and continues to be a very successful businesswoman.

Yasmeen Ghauri has always been articulate. And Kate Moss is probably not as vapid as we think she is.

And goddamn it, where the hell is Stella Tennant? The smartest and the coolest Chanel girl?

Linda’s a total ditz. Amber can have her moments. And give Claudia Schiffer more than 7 seconds to talk and you’d think you were having a conversation with Terry Schiavo.

I guess it’s a total crapshoot then.
I’d rather find out why Naomi Campbell loves throwing phones so much.

A full closet

Ya, ironic tees are a thing of the past. And meta non sequitur tees with giant writing are seemingly sticking around.
But there’s nothing ironic about this t-shirt and the guy modeling it is pretty hot himself.

I want this more than any other piece of clothing right now due to my ongoing Full House obsession.

It used to be this shirt:

Thank God Adam had the decency to buy this for me for my birthday last year.

Many a-nights I’ve spent drunk watching Full House on DVD until my eyes bled. Even some of Uncle Jesse’s colour combinations in the earlier seasons were brilliant. Uncle Jesse had a few great style moments including when he wore pleated grey trousers to play with the Beach Boys with sneakers that were so white, they were a member of the KKK.

But I just can’t fit any more t-shirts into my closet. I simply have too much clothing and will be having a yard sale once the weather gets nice.
Goodnight, Michelle.

#1 Most Stylish Man

I recently saw the usual suspects in GQ’s Top Ten Most Stylish Men. Ya ya ya, JT, Glenn O’Brien, Kanye, I get the fucking picture.

But really, the most stylish man is not some celebrity, editor or rap star. Wanna see the best dressed guy in all of America? It’s this guy.

Not only is he a sartorialist, but he also serves his country when he’s not struttin’ the streets of Atlanta.

I salute you, Nathaniel from Atlanta.

Cat Makeup Boy, what’s your name?

There’s so much left to see in the world..

I don’t want to close my eyes…

Or I might miss…


A touch of style to the home: the shitter

As mentioned before, I am trying to rip off the Selby by documenting my own living space. So far, the bathroom and bedroom is completely done and I am VERY proud of them.

I actually don’t have a 3 dimensional eye and failed my 3-D Principles course partially due to the flu but mostly because I could appreciate installation but could never actually do it with much success. So being able to turn a space in my home into something functional and at least just a little more stylish than what it used to be a complete achievement. It took me weeks of scouting, planning, budgeting and sketches to get this and I’m seriously pleased with the results.

So the before:

– a completely unusable clawfoot bathtub (that I am now giving away if there are any takers)
– a giant but strong toilet
– the tub was so big, it stuck out and blocked the door
– the door hit the tub each time I opened it
– a disgusting vanity my dad picked out at Home Depot without consulting with me first
– awful tile that my uncle put up to hide the cracking plaster
– a vanity mirror and cabinet that was actually very retro and cool but it had to be taken down to put up new drywall
– rusting and stained fixtures, hardware and faucets
– copper pipes still existing

– new white door reduced to 24 inches and moved over to save space
– slim 29.5-inch Kohler/Sterling tub with pop drain
– Chocolate modern canvas shower curtain with chrome rod
– Desert Grey hexagonal tile
– dual-flush slim toilet
– new George bathmat

– Vitra porcelain wall hung sink with counter space
– custom wood slim floating shelf
– Umbra Teardrop hardware
– el cheapo Mossimo (God, is this guy still around?) bath set
– Gluckstein grass woven accessories
– Urban Barn towels

– Pegasus Italian-made modern faucet, dial and showerhead
– Heath dark grey convex “pillow” tile in a subway formation

– Selection 25 faucet made in Quebec (cost more than the tub!) with a porcelain cartridge
– Mosaic Orta glass and limestone backsplash from Greece

– a double happiness symbol Amy got for me when I first moved in and now it has a place to go, basically to block the gay guys next door from seeing my nips when I’m in the shitter

– now that I have a patchy hipster beard, I don’t shave as much as I used to so yes, I am very Chinese and stock up on things I use regularly if it’s on sale (you should see how much toilet paper I have)

Yes, Deer frame, maybe it’s too soon but I thought I’d give anyone who takes a shit at my place something to think about – oddly enough, the WTC’s pattern matches my shower tile pattern

Sexy bathroom ftw. No more using the basement bathroom that basically looks like someone installed an outhouse inside the home.
Next stop, plum dining room.

Chirp chirp!

Saw this great Modern Amusement tie at Holt Renfrew the other day. $68.
But I prefer the blue tie with red birds.

Yes, I have been a long-time Modern Amusement fan:

Great stuff at a great price.

Gordon Gartrell at Rag & Bone Fall 2009?

Correction! I originally said this look was from Lanvin for some reason. I poo on my mistakes!

Did Marcus and David from Rag & Bone watch some Cosby Show reruns on Nick and Night?

The Gordon Gartrelle Shirt Story

“You don’t like it?”
“Ask me the question again!”

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